Speed up all your Excel Operations

Current Situation Classic Set operations such as ExcelSetValue,ExcelSetString are slow because you have to call 1 functions per cell. Imagine you need to publish 1000 cells, you will have to call this function 1000 times. Does not sound very efficient. On other side functions ExcelSetFromArray/ExcelSetFromArrayH/ExcelSetFromArrayV/ExcelSEtFromParsedV/ExcelSEtFromParsedH either wont supported from all platforms or they can only […]

Excel based Indicator in Terminal

Objective We will try to show how to use an Excel based indicator in our Trading Terminal and visualize it. For this purphose we will use Metatrader4 but you could use any other Terminal too. Comments It is very easy to read from Excel using XLSgate fuctions. We have a demonstration code for you ready […]

Office Update Trouble Discovered

Office Update from Dec 2014 We have seen some of xlsgate features have stopped working today. After researching 2 hours we could not find any bug, after a research in google we have discovered this interesting blog entry Problems If you get error messages in XLSApp which was not there before, such as “cannot create […]

HRESULT 0x800AC472 Exception

What does this error say? This error simply says that Excel is not ready to accept new commands from external. This happens when user is interacting with Excel (for example with Editing a Cell pressing F2). In such state Excel is not able to receive other commands. This is implemented to avoid overrides etc. You […]

Get started with Metatrader4 & Excel

Objective We will introduce you to XLSGate Programming with Metatrader4. This instruction is basic and designed to get started rapidly. Step 1 : Import DLL Functions We have provided xlsgate.mqh file in Resources\Metatrader4\ folder. Copy this file into \MQL4\includes\ folder and import it with #import directive from MQL Theoretically you could also import functions manually […]

Publish Data with Arrays

Current Situation Assume you need to export huge amount of data fastest way, you would have hard time if you had used ExcelSetValue, ExcelSetString because both functions are working data by data. This means to send 1000 data, functions will be used 1000 times. Even in fastest environments this will require processor time and resources. […]


Choosing DLL Its essential that you choose proper DLL to use. We have prepared 4 different DLL versions with same functionality. Main difference is a) Platform (32bit or 64bit) and b) String Handling (Unicode or Ansi). You will need to know which DLL is required in order to work with your software. Here is an overview about delivered DLL files and their Usage: // FilenamePlatformStringUsagexlsgate-a32.dll32 bitAnsiMetatrader4 Build < 600, Tradestation 8.x, NinjaTrader 32bit, Tradestation 9.x, other 32bit Ansi clientsxlsgate-a64.dll64 bitAnsiMulticharts 64bit, Multichars.NET 64bit, NinjaTrader 64bit, other 64bit Ansi clientsxlsgate-w32.dll32 bitUnicodeMetatrader4 Build 600+, other clients with 32bit and Unicode string handlingxlsgate-w64.dll64…


About XLSApp XLSApp is middleware software between Excel and your Client (Multicharts, Metatrader etc). Your Client is using DLL to access XLSApp and XLSApp is coordinating the communication between Clients and Excel. XLSApp is designed to run on your computer with low resource needs. You should run XLSApp before you call XLSgate functions. Moreover XLSApp is designed to be a debug instance for you. XLSApp will show you debug informations, such as Warnings, Errors. You can run XLSApp in background for very long time. It has been optimised for long-term runtimes and to use very low resources. It will use…

About XLSgate

What is XLSGate XLSgate is a middleware application to coordinate data input/output between clients (trading applications, other applications) and Microsoft Excel(TM). XLSgate makes it very easy to communicate with Excel. //


Demonstration Application We have prepared a Demo Application to demonstrate XLSgate as product. You can find this Application under resources/Demo/, this application was written with .net technology, to demonstrate the power of XLSgate. This demo app cannot demonstrate all functions but most of functions are demonstrated for you. All you need to do is to keep XLSApp running.