Available Packages



No hidden fees. No high-pressure salespeople.

Lite Version

Lite version is designed for Traders they dont need any special functions such as Saving, Button Management or Reading Values from Excel. You can only send values/strings to Excel but cannot read from Excel. This version is single-ton.

We do not make support for Lite version unless it is a bug. All bugs are welcome



Ideal for Traders, Investors they want to communicate with Excel

Professional Version 

Allow programmatically Save, Button Management, Read Values from Excel, Style Management of Cells with this version. Professional version contains all features of XLSGate, additionally free premium support. 



Ideal for Traders, Investors they want to communicate with Excel

OEM Version

You will need OEM Version if you want to develop software for your clients. Lite and Professional versions are locked to one single computer. With OEM you can use XLSGate on unlimited number of versions.

No more hidden fees or sales. Our product is transparent to everyone.

14-Day Trial Version

Once you install XLSgate to any computer, your computer will be switched to Professional for 14 days. After this period it will be switched back to Lite version and you can keep using it for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lite edition free forever?

Yes it will be free forever, you will receive every update lifetime. No hidden costs or traps or salesman.

Do you have license restrictions?

Yes, license is locked to 1 specific computer and its cid (computerid). You can move your license to other computer, to do this contact our support and mention new cid and we will switch your license to new computer. There is no limit how many times you move.

How fast is XLSGate?

It is using Excel COM Object, which is the native Windows library. This way we don´t loose any speed by any operation. The speed is only limited with your computers and harddrives speed. No boundaries or hardcoded limites.

Can i sell products with xlsgate library?

Not with Lite or Proffessional version. We offer OEM Version for developers. Please contact us for this at support@fx1.net

Do you support Excel Formulas?

Yes we do. All Excel Formulas are supported natively. You can send any operation to excel from your client.

Can i get free trial for Proffessional version ?

Yes every computer can get 14-Day-Trial Professional version without any request. Every new computer which was installed will be switched to Professional version automatically. You can test Professional version 14 days without any limits. After this period, you will automatically switched to Lite version.