Professional Version Trial

Once you download XLSGate and install on a new computer, you will automatically get 14 days Professional version of XLSGate. This is completely free and has no limitations in this period. After 14 days you will automatically get Lite Version. Lite version is Free, it has only several limitations. Check Pricing page to understand limitations.


Download xlsgate-setup.exe and install it. You will have to run XLSApp and keep it running to be able to work with XLSGate DLL Files. You can use included .DLL files to have access from different clients. Please refer to Resources\ folder inside Installation Folder for further Documentation.

Depending on your Trading Platform required location of DLL file might vary. For example Metatrader4,5,Tradestation can find DLL files from Windows Directory (example: C:\Windows). That is why our setup software deploys all DLL Files (4 different versions) into %windir% folder automatically just to make your life easy. If you have difficulties to access to DLL file from your favorite Trading platform, ask their support where DLL file should be placed, then go and put a copy of proper DLL file into that location.


You can download XLSGate and install. XLSGate has automatic update notification built-in but from sometimes updates are not mandatory. If you have problems please check this page, we might have published new version which would solve the problems you have. We try to document every change in detail, so you can decide yourself which version fits for you best.

Version Description Download
  • Several bugfixes & Change of payment id, old id does not work anymore, if you want to upgrade please use this version
Download Version 4.8.6
  • Several Bugfixes
  • Several Bugfixes about connectivity to our servers
  • Important bugfix from 4.8.0
  • Stable Release
  • Implemented: ExcelSetFromParsedAuto function
  • New license management, now you are able to move licenses between computers
  • License lost function implemented
  • Button problem fixed
  • Crash detection tool implemented
  • Several crash reasons sorted out
  • Implemented: ExcelWindowState() function
  • Implemented: ExcelSetFromParsedV() function
  • Implemented: ExcelSetFromParsedH() function
  • Implemented: ExcelBorderAround() function
  • Bugfixes with ExcelSetFromArray* functions
  • Bug Solved: Opening Excel multiple times
  • Bug Solved: Crash on restart of Terminal
  • Several fixes
  • Several bugfixes
  • Several bugfixes
  • Option to purchase Professional license directly from XLSApp
  • Added function ExcelSave
  • Fixed function ExcelRowAdd – was causing crash
  • Fixed function ExcelOutput – was not working
  • Added function ExcelOutput
  • Added function ExcelSheetRename
  • Address functions now support Sheet in Address
  • Quick Fix, Expiration Date error fixed
  • Beta version
  • Includes 64 bit version
  • Includes 32 bit version
  • Includes Unicode Version
  • Includes Ansi Version
  • Cheatsheet
  • Import functions for major clients
  • XLSgate DLL and XLSApp