Choosing DLL

Its essential that you choose proper DLL to use. We have prepared 4 different DLL versions with same functionality. Main difference is a) Platform (32bit or 64bit) and b) String Handling (Unicode or Ansi). You will need to know which DLL is required in order to work with your software. Here is an overview about delivered DLL files and their Usage:

xlsgate-a32.dll32 bitAnsiMetatrader4 Build < 600, Tradestation 8.x, NinjaTrader 32bit, Tradestation 9.x, other 32bit Ansi clients
xlsgate-a64.dll64 bitAnsiMulticharts 64bit, Multichars.NET 64bit, NinjaTrader 64bit, other 64bit Ansi clients
xlsgate-w32.dll32 bitUnicodeMetatrader4 Build 600+, other clients with 32bit and Unicode string handling
xlsgate-w64.dll64 bitUnicodeOther clients with 64bit Unicode


Important: XLSGate is able to work with any Application which can use DLL Files. It is essential that you know which DLL you need. This list is just a short overview about most common used clients. If you have other Platform, we still support it. You just need to know which DLL you need. To find this out ask support if you need a) 32 or 64 bit version b) Ansi or Unicode string handling. Depending on their response you can use proper DLL Version.

Importing functions from DLL

It is important to know where you need to place the DLL file for your specific platform. For most platforms you dont need to copy proper DLL file inside any specific folder, because most of platforms can find find and load DLLs from %windir% folder. XLSgate installer will automatically place all DLLs into %windir% for your convenience. So we recommend you to try to load DLL without doing anything, then try to copy the dll into platform specific directory.

Platform specific directory varies, please ask support of your trading platform to determine the spefic directory. Ask them the directory you need to copy DLL files, so you can load them.